Corporate Governance

At Orla Mining, we believe that effective corporate governance protects employees and shareholder value. Our board of directors are committed to upholding the highest standards of governance for the successful operation of the company.

    • Board Documents

      • Board of Directors Mandate
      • Audit Committee Charter
      • Governance and Nominating Committee Charter
      • Role Statement for Non-Executive Chair
      • Role Statement for CEO
      • Compensation Committee
    • Corporate Policies

      • Code of Conduct & Ethics
      • Whistleblower Policy
      • Majority Voting Policy
      • Corporate Disclosure Policy
      • Insider Trading Policy
      • Share Ownership Policy
      • Clawback Policy
      • Anti-Hedging Policy
      • Diversity Policy
      • Environment & Sustainability, Health & Safety Policy
      • CSR Policy
      • Workplace Bullying and Harassment Policy and Reporting / Investigation Procedures
  • Whistleblower Report

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